Ask Dayton #95 on the G and T Show: “Speaking Into the Microphone.”

Hey, it’s Sunday!

Well, it was Sunday yesterday, anyway.

As I was caught up during this past weekend in all the goings-on over at this year’s rather sizable Planet Comicon here in Kansas City, I didn’t get to various housekeeping details here in Blogville. Therefore, I totally missed yesterday’s episode of the Sunday G and T Show. I heard through the grapevine that there were some technical glitches which may or may not have been attributed to Nick’s hair dryer overloading the power strip, or whatever. I mean, I hear things, and….


The show did feature a new “Ask Dayton” query, though. I made it! Two weeks in a row! We might just be back to whatever passes for normal around here. What was up this time around? Glad you asked:

Dear Dayton,

We all know you are a great New York Times bestselling author. Belayed congratulations, by the way. But while I was at work this past week I started listening to a new audio drama called HG World which had Dayton Ward voicing Chep.

So my question for you is; are you the Dayton Ward voicing Chep and why have you not told your loyal fan that you also have a fascination with doing zombie apocalypse audio dramas?

Live Long and Prosper

No, that’s the other Dayton Ward: the coked-out former CEO of an internet startup company who suddenly woke up one morning and realized that he’d blown all his capital on drugs, booze, and hookers. The last I heard, he was working the night shift cleaning the private booths at an adult video arcade in Abilene, Kansas.

Okay, fine. You got me. I’m that Dayton Ward. The voice guy, I mean, not the video arcade dude. Not yet, anyway.

I’ve been told on occasion that I have a voice for radio. Come to think of it, I’ve also been told I have a face for radio, but that’s a different question for another day. To answer your question, I don’t know that I’d say I have a fascination for voicing audio dramas, zombie apocalypse or otherwise. How did I come to be involved with HG World? Like so many things, it just sort of happened. The show’s creator, Jay Smith, and I have several mutual friends, both in “the real world” as well as social media venues like Facebook and Twitter. It was because of that tangled web of online friendships and casual acquaintances that I became aware of the show.

A few years ago, Jay had need of a few folks to provide dialogue for a handful of minor characters, and I responded to his request for assistance. After an evening spent yammering into my headset, I was able to provide him with snippets of dialogue he could insert into the episode in production. I ended up doing the same thing for the next episode, after which Jay finally learned his lesson and knew better than to ask me to do that sort of thing ever again.

But, I can add something cool to the end of this little tale: I’ve actually written for HG World. Sort of. A while back, Jay asked me and a couple of other folks to write scripts for a special series of stories he was planning to do. That actually was my first go at writing a script of any sort, and according to Jay I didn’t fuck it up too badly. So far as I know, he’s still planning to do that once he wraps production on the main series. Stay tuned for updates as appropriate.

Meanwhile, I’ve got that whole Space Marshal Dylan McCade audio serial thing to worry about at some point. I’m not writing the scripts for the audio adaptations, but the SciFi Commons folks are still kind of expecting me to write the story from which the scripts will spring.

I suppose I should get on that shit, one of these days.

This question and its answer was read during G&T Show Episode #134 on March 16th, 2014. You can hear Nick read the answers each week by listening live, or check out the replay/download options when the episode is loaded to their website: The Sunday G&T Show. Listeners are also encouraged to send in their own questions, one of which will be sent to me each week for a future episode.

Thanks again to Nick, Terry and Mike for making me a part of their show.


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