Tonight on the History Channel – CRYPTID: THE SWAMP BEAST.

Full disclosure: I’d never heard of this new series until this past weekend. Why am I posting about it? Well, for the hell of it, to be perfectly honest.

That, and I was e-Mailed by someone connected with the show, who asked me to pass on info about it because the person who reached out to me, “thought that your readers would be into it, so I was hoping you’d be able to share on the site and encourage them to tune in on Monday night.”

Okay. I’m a Bigfoot nerd. Just this once, I’ll play along for kicks.

So, what’s the deal?


What can we expect from Cryptid: The Swamp Beast? According to the info I was given:

The bayous of Southern Louisiana are home to some of the planet’s most rugged and unforgiving terrain. And hidden deep within these swampy confines lie many of America’s oldest mysteries and bone-chilling legends. With its ancient Indian burial grounds and above ground cemeteries, the area has always teemed with eerie sightings. In recent years however, there has been a dramatic uptick in strange occurrences, many of them attributed to a legendary werewolf-like creature known as the Rougarou.

In History’s newest narrative series, residents of a small bayou town must face their darkest fears when something unknown begins to attack, leading to panic and hysteria. When it’s believed the culprit is possibly the Rougarou, or Bigfoot of the bayou, the townsfolk will use whatever means necessary, including the dark arts, to ward off the evil.  An American folktale comes to life with the story of CRYPTID: THE SWAMP BEAST.

And there you go.

As I said, I only recently learned about the show, and I have no affiliation with it or (so far as I know) anyone connected to it, and I wasn’t paid to post this. I’m just in a goofy mood today, I guess, so YOU’RE WELCOME.

Anyway, the show sounds like a southern-fried version of Finding Bigfoot with some of The Blair Witch Project thrown in for flavor, and I have to admit to more than a little curiosity as to why this is on the History Channel, but maybe exploring the legend/folklore aspects of the “swamp beast” gives them an in. Sounds more legit than Pawn Stars, right?

Cryptid: The Swamp Beast premieres tonight on History at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central. If you want to see a clip, you can check this out on YouTube:


At this point, there are no confirmed reports of a bionic man running around the swamp, looking to find the Rougarou.


So, you know…be advised.


Lay it on me.

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