Space Marshal Dylan McCade is an Audio Verse Award Winner!

Thanks to a timely message shot my way by audio drama guru and HG World creator Jay Smith, I found out this afternoon that The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade, our little audio serial that could and which was a finalist for three different 2013 Audio Verse Awards, managed to snag two of the three categories in which we were nominated!

Dylan McCade returned to the space ways as winner in the following categories:

Best Short-Form Writing of a Fan or Adaptation Production
Best Short-Form Original Adaptation of a Pre-existing Work

The awards were announced–appropriately–as an audio presentation, and you can hear all the awarding goodness here:

2013 Audio Verse Awards Results Show

Once again, I tip my hat to David Taylor over at SciFi Commons, who approached me late in 2012 with this crazy idea of coming up with a retro pulpy sci-fi audio drama. He adapted my short story into script format, so the first of the two awards is all his. Then he brought together a troupe of talented actors and techie folks in order to bring the story to life, and they all get to share in the second award. Who are these people? Well, I’m so glad you asked:

Joey Trimmer (voice of Dylan McCade)
Ana Visneski (voice of Empress Entropia)
Kelli Taylor (voice of Jacquelyn ”Jax” Blake)
Senthil Masilamani (voice of Zan)
Kenneth Robert Marlo (voice of the President of the League of Planets)
Geno Younger (narrator)
Amy Herndon (sound effects)
Taylor Dixon (original music)

Many thanks once again to this awesome gang of players. Thanks also to everyone over at the Audio Verse Awards for hosting, judging, and presenting the awards. Finally, thanks to everyone who liked our little story enough to give it a vote.

We should probably do something like that again some time soon, huh?

Lay it on me.

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