Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back.

Previously on The Fog of Ward:

Well, “the move” is officially done. We walked out of the old house for the last time tonight. Tomorrow, the new owners walk in. Hopefully they’ll still like what they’ve bought.

As for Ward Manor 2.0? While the major move was accomplished over the past weekend, settling in and the putting away of various things continues. The lower level, which is pretty much my office/lair, is taking shape. Book cases are positioned, and boxes of books and other assorted detritus are coming in from the garage one and two at a time. Interestingly, I seem to be less forgiving with respect to some books when it comes to putting them back on the shelf, as opposed to when they went into boxes prior to the move. So, a box for donation to the library at the retirement village where my father-in-law lived during his final years is now positioned near the door. Such activities are slowed during the day, since I’m still working the day job and all that, but I expect to kick things up a notch by the weekend.


Elsewhere, I’ve got a few notes to address from our editor with respect to Point of Divergence, our first foray into the joint venture that is Star Trek: Seekers. I don’t expect any of those to be major, and I have plenty of time to address them while I wait for the copyedited manuscript to be returned to us. Still, I’ll be looking for something to read later this week.

Meanwhile, I’m pondering story ideas for what will be my next novel. As it has no official title as of yet, the contract for it bears the placeholder title Pale Blue Dot, which is what I’m probably going to call it for a while. Part of me wants to come up with a story to fit that title, just because.

March is almost upon us, which means our anniversary as well as Planet Comicon, both of which occur the same weekend. So, that should prove interesting 🙂

So, whatchooall been up to?

9 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back.

  1. “Tomorrow, the new owners walk in. Hopefully they’ll still like what they’ve bought.”

    The real question is…what will they think of the “housewarming gift” you left them in the bathroom?


    1. Nah. I boxed that up and dropped it to UPS. Watch your doorstep.

      Speaking of bathrooms, I’ll miss the master bath in the old house. We renovated both main floor bathrooms several years ago, and turned ours into an Asian-inspired affair with overlarge shower, Jacuzzi tub, etc. While the master bath in the new one is nice, the shower itself is basically not much more than a typical stall/shell. I feel like I’m standing in a small closet.

      Ah, well. 🙂


      1. Can the new one be easily renovated/expanded? Or perhaps another bathroom in the house could get the same treatment?

        Either way, it sounds like WM v2 is a pretty swank place. Glad to hear the moving process went well.


        1. It still a large bathroom, with whirlpool tub, etc. The shower is the only ding, and that’s the case in pretty much every other house I’ve been in. We custom designed the baths in the old house, and we might do something again down the road, but I’m in no big hurry 🙂


  2. About the only thing I’m doing, besides having spirited debates online, is writing blog posts for an upcoming blogging challenge and trying to survive a particularly nasty downturn at work.

    So are the little childrens settling into their new digs okay?


    1. They are, indeed. Their rooms are on the house’s upper level, and they share a bathroom. Most importantly, they’re two floors up from my office, so I don’t have to endure them running and jumping directly over my head, anymore. 🙂


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