New interview over at Trek Mate!

Because I know you were thinking, “Hey, it’s been about a month or so since that Ward guy babbled to the point that I wanted to run an icepick through my ear drums.”

This time, I “sit down” with host Sina Alvarado for another installment of Trek Mate‘s “Ten Forward” podcast. We discuss the writing of Peaceable Kingdoms as well as collaborating with my friends and fellow word pushers on Star Trek: The Fall. We also get a little bit into upcoming projects and other things, but I don’t want to spoil your listening fun. Do we talk about Star Trek: Seekers? Could be, perhaps along with a few teases about upcoming happenings and whatnot, including my upcoming appearance schedule as I get set for the first of the conventions I’ll be attending this year.

Go ahead, give it a listen:

Ten Forward Episode #87 – Behind the Scenes with Dayton Ward

Thanks again to Sina and the rest of the Trek Mate family for having me on. I’m sure we’ll be getting together to talk again at some point in the not-so distant future.

Consider yourselves warned.

Lay it on me.

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