“New” look for the Bucs.

So, it was with much pomp and circumstance that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, using awesome former Buc Warren Sapp and the NFL Network, unveiled the team’s “new” logo and helmet look, which will debut on the field during the 2014-15 football season.

Here’s what we’ve got:

(Photo credit: Alix Drawec/NFL)

NFL Network: Tampa Bay Buccaneers update helmet, logo for 2014

My first thought upon seeing it was, “Um, okay?”

I guess I was expecting something really different, or at least a radical rethink of the current logo or perhaps even a new, meaner-looking take on the infamous “Bucco Bruce” which was the team’s moniker for 20-odd years before the complete overhaul of the logo and colors came about in 1997.

To be honest, this new version looks like a first draft of what we ended up with last time. Behold, yo:

I kinda dig the newer, “cleaner” skull, and the more prominent orange color of the football is a nod to the good, old creamsicle days of yesteryear, but I do miss the detail bits on the flag. I would’ve liked to have seen them maybe tatter it up a bit, too, but oh well.

As for the helmet itself, that part doesn’t bug me. I’m sure the redesign of the facemask is rooted as much in safety for the wearer as it is an aesthetic choice (the chrome part, anyway), so I’ll defer to smarter people so far as that is concerned.

So, you know….eh. I’m thinking this isn’t going to be enough to make me run right out and buy all new Bucs gear just yet.


Lay it on me.

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