Novel Spaces – “Inspired By Your Surroundings.”

Yep, it’s the 15th again, which means it’s my turn at bat over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This time, I babble a bit about the “struggles” I sometimes have, juggling my writing with my regular day job these past few years since I became a full-time telecommuter. By the time the weekend rolls around, I’m usually pretty sick of looking at the walls of my home office, and I still have to find time and energy to write.

So, I often end up going somewhere else.

While there are places that serve merely as locations where I can park my butt and my laptop to tap out some words for a short while, there also are places which serve as inspiration for the writing. For me, it’s my very favorite location in Kansas City, Union Station. I’ve always loved this place, and it’s served as a peaceful writing location on numerous occasions. I even wrote a story set there, and I wrote it while sitting at a table in one of the station’s restaurants (“Absent Friends“).


You can read the new article at Novel Spaces: “Inspired By Your Surroundings.”

So, when you’re looking to escape from home so that you can write for a bit in relative peace, or because you’re hunting for inspiration, where do you go?

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