Miss me?

Been busy these last few days, but worry not. This waste of electrons isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


What’s been going on? Well, earlier today, Kevin and I delivered to our editor our manuscript for Point of Divergence, the second book in the brand-spankin’ new Star Trek: Seekers novel series. As I write this, I’m told our co-conspirator, David Mack, is looking over the copyedited manuscript for Second Nature, the book he wrote to kick off the series, and I expect that Kevin and I will be seeing that ourselves in the coming days.

But for tonight and probably a good part of the weekend? Now that we’ve delivered our book, I’m going to catch up on some DVR filler and some Blu-rays I’ve been saving as a reward. A coma will occur at some point in and around all of that.

Of course, any rest will be brief. In addition to the usual day job stuff, we still have a home to relocate, after all. We sign for the new house on February 18th, and we sign over ours a week later. Packing has already begun, but it’ll likely get going in earnest (for me, at least) this weekend.

On the writing front, I’ll soon be getting hot on writing the proposal for what will be my next novel. The proposal is due mid-March, and I expect the actual writing will occupy a goodly portion of my late spring and summer. I’m also looking to take advantage of the current “lull” to finish up proposals I want to submit for a couple of things that have taken a back burner to Seekers, and there’s a military SF novella that’s been on hold for the same reason. I’d like to knock out all of this stuff before the next novel gets greenlit and writing on that begins in earnest. What is that novel to be, you ask? I wish I could say, but as of this evening I’m still waiting for contracts to be executed.

So, you know…stay tuned.

Now, if you’ll excuse me,  I think that coma might be calling.

Lay it on me.

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