Peaceable Kingdoms contest winners: Another update!

All righty, then.

With things starting to slow down ever so slightly on multiple fronts (I’m at the editing/polishing stage of the new novel, the house selling/buying thing is in a lull while we wait for paperwork to get finalized, etc.), I finally remembered to do something that had been hanging around far too long on my list of chores!


On our way to pick up the kids this evening, I stopped at the store and got some pseudo-fancy non-bendy photo mailers, so that I can put these card thingees into them and dispatch them to the contest winners.

As of this writing, I’m still missing mailing info for David Hewitt, so if you’re reading this, David, e-Mail me off list so I can get one sent to you.

With luck, I’ll have these winging their way to their various destinations in the next day or so (and hopefully we won’t have a repeat of the craziness that occurred the last time I tried something like this).

Thanks for your patience, folks.


4 thoughts on “Peaceable Kingdoms contest winners: Another update!

  1. You’re a class act, bro. Your colleagues pale, in-comparison, as you not-only work your ass off to bring us the best you’ve got, but, you make it all-the-more fun, just being you; including us, in your love for what you do. You’ve got a loyal-fan, as-well-as, a friend, in me, always. I know I’m not alone, in that sentiment, either…
    Thanks, Dayton. You’re truly one-of-a-kind.


    1. Thanks very much, man. I appreciate that 🙂

      While I do take the work seriously, I tend to avoid taking “the rest of it” too seriously whenever possible. My colleagues feel the same way….they’re just more adult about it most of the time than I usually end up being 😀


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