Zombiefied…now in paperback!

Hot diggety!

A couple of years ago, editor Carol Hightshoe over at Sky Warrior Books published Zombiefied, an anthology of…you guessed it…zombie stories! That’s right, the undead wereCover for Zombiefied spotlighted in a mess of fine tales, two dozen of them, in fact. Among the stories offered up in this collection was my own bit of zombie musings, “Stop-Loss.” My contribution to Zombiefied was actually a reprint of sorts, as the story originally had appeared on a now-defunct webzine site.

Originally, Zombiefied was offered in various electronic books formats, and remains available on those platforms, but Editor Carol passed the word today that the anthology now is available in a trade paperback edition, via CreateSpace.

I’m jazzed about this for a few reasons, actually: First, though I’m by no means the e-Book spurning sort, I still prefer good old-fashioned paper books for the bulk of my leisure reading. Next, as a writer, it’s nice to have a book to put on the “brag shelf” in my office, and in this case, I’m doubly happy because this actually is the first time “Stop-Loss” is available in a print format.

So, there’s that.

Anyway, if you’re into zombies (and really….who isn’t?), Zombiefied and its 24 tales may be just the thing for you. Give it a gander, whydontcha, and pass on the info to all your zombie-lovin’ friends.

CreateSpace – Zombiefied: An Anthology of All Things Zombie

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