Interview with’s “Literary Treks” podcast.

You know, it’s been a while since I babbled incessantly on somebody else’s time and airwaves. Let me rectify that.

A few days ago,‘s Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing invited me back for the 47th installment of their “Literary Treks” podcast. It’s been a bit since I last visited with them, back in the late summer when we talked about From History’s Shadow.

This time, they grill me for a little while about Peaceable Kingdoms, my contribution to the recently concluded miniseries Star Trek: The Fall. We talk about writing my novel as well as the collaborative process between the five of us as we each worked to coordinate our efforts with one another, and hopefully keep everything in sync. Whether we managed to pull off all of that is for readers to decide, of course, but it definitely was a lot of fun.

Once that was concluded, they even managed to get me to tease a bit about Star Trek: Seekers. On that subject, Kevin and I are in the home stretch of finishing our manuscript for the series’ second book, Point of Divergence. More on that as we get closer to the finish line.

The result: – Literary Treks #47: Are You Going to Quote Kirk to Me Again?

Thanks again to Christopher and Matthew for having me on the show. I imagine we’ll be chatting again in the not-so distant future, perhaps to talk about some more about Star Trek: Seekers.

Awwwww, yeah.

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