Novel Spaces – “Backup Everything. Yes, Even That.”

Hey! Whaddaya know? It’s the 15th again. Already. First one of the year! Seems to me like a fine time to post my latest contribution to the Novel Spaces blog!

This month’s entry comes on the heels of my recent computer-related mishap. As you may recall, I suffered a laptop crisis over the weekend. Thankfully, the loss of data was mitigated by various factors including backups, emails with vital attachments sent to others, and so on, but my failure to carry out a daily backup on Friday is what ended up costing me the most in lost time and effort. It was a lesson that needed refreshing, as I say in the piece.

The moral of the story for all of us, but particularly for those of us who rely on our computers to earn a living? Back it up. Back it all the way up.

You can read my newest musings at Novel Spaces: “Backup Everything. Yes, Even That.”

All right, then: Somebody out there has to have their own backup horror stories to share. Give ‘em up!

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