It’s official, now. Oh, and other stuff.

I think I had about a bazillion people e-Mailing me this morning with the following link:

The New York Times – Best Sellers – Mass Market Paperback Fiction – Jan. 19th, 2014

Okay, the number was probably closer to eleventy dozen. Anyway, folks wanted me to know about it when I sat down today, so thanks very much for the collective heads-up! I remain as groovy-feeling as I did when I first got the news.

In other news, we got an offer on our house yesterday, and it looks like we may be finalizing those terms today. Our efforts to secure Ward Manor 2.0, already hovering between two houses we really like, will now accelerate. We’re going back to look at them again in the next day or so in order to make our final decision.

Countering that was the apparent death of my work laptop (for the day job). That’s frustrating to deal with, but I’m thankful the thing chose to die after the completion and distribution of critical, time-sensitive reports and deliverables. Now, at least, I have breathing room to address the issue and either get the laptop re-imaged or replaced. Luckily, my employer’s pretty good about responding to such crises.

Oh, and Kevin and I still have a novel deadline looming at the beginning of February, so there’s that….

I guess it’s back to work time!


4 thoughts on “It’s official, now. Oh, and other stuff.

  1. good luck with the moving. one tip that i always give out to people movie (which you probably already know) is never label a box with DVDs or video games as such, always mark them with some boring thing like kitchen stuff. that way any less-than-honest hired movers or people working on the place won’t mess with it.


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