Peaceable Kingdoms signed card giveaway: The winnahs!

Here we are, a day before Peaceable Kingdoms “officially” goes on sale, and all you scavenger hunters have done me proud. The book is apparently showing up far and wide, and in quantities at different locations that are–to me, anyway–very encouraging.

We have our ten winners of the “hunt,” each of whom will be receiving a swank 8.5″x11″ print of the book’s cover art (courtesy of my editor at Pocket Books), and signed by Yours Truly.

So, who are our winners?

Ian McLean, at the Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney, Australia

Marina Rice, at the Books-A-Million in Port Charlotte, Florida

David Grayson, at another Books-A-Million location somewhere in Florida

David Hewitt, at yet another Books-A-Million location, this time in Huntsville, Alabama

Scott Fairbanks, at an undisclosed location

loghaD,” at the SF-Bokhandeln in Stockholm, Sweden

Eric Cone, at a Barnes & Noble Spanish Fork, Utah

Will Combs, at still another Books-A-Million in Jacksonville (Florida, or North Carolina?)

Alexa Huguet, at The Book Rack of Greeley, Colorado

Morris C” at an undisclosed location

So, you ten: e-Mail me your mailing info. Once I get the cards delivered to me from Pocket Books (likely not before the end of the week at the earliest), I’ll sign and get them in the mail to you: daytonward AT kc DOT rr DOT com.

Thanks again to everyone for playing along, and stay tuned for other giveaways!


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