Peaceable Kingdoms previewed at!

PeaceableKingdoms-coverWith Peaceable Kingdoms hitting shelves and its “official” publication due on the morrow, continues its regular preview of the latest Star Trek novels with a quick look at the new book.

As is their habit, the editors at the site ask the author to help introduce the book with some brief comments about its story as well as–in this case–how it fits with the other four books comprising Star Trek: The Fall. On the latter, I also offer some quick insights into how it was to work in concert with my friends and fellow word pushers David R. George III, Una McCormack, David Mack and James Swallow, how challenging it was to bring to a close everything they put into motion, and hopefully doing so in a manner that lives up to their work.

So, you know…no pressure, or anything. Dayton Ward Previews The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms

Many thanks to the folks from for giving up a bit of their virtual real estate to promote the new book. There are some other interviews scheduled for in the coming weeks, including a return visit to the gang from for a new installment of their “Literary Treks” podcast series. More on these as details firm up.

You’ve all already bought your copies of the book, right?


Lay it on me.

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