New interview over at the Priority One Podcast!

With Peaceable Kingdoms getting ready to be foisted upon an unsuspecting reading populace, I’m once again receiving requests for interviews, either the good old-fashioned print kind or else dropping in for the occasional podcast.

P1IBoxThis latest interview is from the former category and the fine folks over at the Priority One Podcast, and it’s also the first in a new series they’re launching, “Priority One Interviews.” For this virtual sit-down, we cover in brief, non-spoilery fashion the aforementioned Peaceable Kingdoms as well as working on the Star Trek: Vanguard series and its forthcoming literary offspring, Star Trek: Seekers.

As I said, my answers to the questions are all spoiler-free, so you can proceed with confidence that nothing about the fifth and final installment of Star Trek: The Fall will be ruined for you. After all, I’m saving all the ruining and disappointing and whatnot for the actual book, which is still slated to be inflicted upon you on or about December 31st.

Anyway, to read the new interview, click on Priority One’s nifty banner:


Thanks very much to the gang at Priority One for letting me take up a little bit of their real estate.

Almost game time again, folks!

Lay it on me.

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