Novel Spaces – “What Happens When I Sign Your Book”

Yep it’s the 15th again, and at least some of you should know what that means: it’s my turn in the hopper over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This time around, the holidays and a small handful of people writing to me asking after signed copies of my books prompted a revisiting of something I wrote about nearly two years ago: My so-called “Inscription Deck of Doom!” Whenever I’m signing a book for someone and ask them if they’d like me to write something specific, I sometimes get some variation of “Oh, just make up something clever (or funny, or whatever).” So, I created the “Inscription Deck of Doom!”

This has come up once with someone looking to obtain a signed book from me to gift someone else, making me bring up “the Deck,” and BAM! Instant blog fodder.

You can read the new piece over at Novel Spaces: “What Happens When I Sign Your Book

So, now you know (or have been reminded, as the case may be) that if ever you approach me at a book signing, you ask me to be clever or funny at your peril. 🙂

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