Black belts x 2!

Those of you who remember my occasional comments about my daughters know that they both practice Taekwondo, and have been doing so for a handful of years. Addy started just before she turned 3, and Erin was about the same age when she started. Last December, not long after turning 6, Addy earned her first degree black belt, and today, a few months shy of her own sixth birthday, Erin joined her. I need to double-check with the school, but it’s very possible Erin is their youngest student to reach that rank.

Addy also earned a mid-term star for her own belt today, as she’s still working toward earning second degree status and probably won’t be ready to promote to that rank for at least another year.

See, this is why I’m not going to be too worried when they start dating. By the time that becomes a thing, both girls will be able to kick the ass of anyone messing with them. I’m just going to make some popcorn, sit back, watch the carnage unfold, and maybe offer constructive critiques after the bodies are buried. Parents of sons hoping to date my daughters: They better behave themselves. You have been warned.

Also? I’m working to establish Princess Ninja Assassins, Inc. I figure I can have their college tuitions taken care of by the time they’re in middle school.

Of course, the big plus here is that now that they’ll once again be in the same class, Taekwondo will only be on our evening schedule two nights a week, instead of four. Huzzah!

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