Unpublished comics tales from the Planet of the Apes!

My friend Rich Handley has been busy.

This may be hard for some folks to believe, but Rich is an even bigger freak for all things Planet of the Apes than I am. Dude’s written two swank books on the subject, even: Timeline of the Planet of the Apes – A Definitive Chronology and Lexicon of the Planet of the Apes – The Comprehensive Encyclopedia. So, yeah…Rich knows all about those damned dirty apes. And stuff.


Over the years, the Apes have appeared in various comics from different publishers, beginning in 1974 with Marvel Comics’ very awesome run of black-and-white Planet of the Apes Magazine, all the way to the present day with BOOM! Studios, which produced both a monthly series and a handful of mini-series. Most of the comics have been set at different points along the timeline established by the original 1968 film and it sequels, though Dark Horse Comics for a time had a license to create comics spinning out from Tim Burton’s 2001 remake. BOOM! is presently giving the Apes a bit of a rest while they gear up with comics set in the continuity of 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes and next year’s sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Along the way, writers and editors at each of the comics houses who produced Apes tales had ideas that never made it to the page. Some of these I knew about, but there’s a butt-load more that I’d never heard of.

That’s where Rich comes in.

This week, he was active over at 13th Dimension, with five days’ worth of blog articles offering up all sorts of details and juicy insider gossip about “tales from the Planet of the Apes” that for one reason or another never came to be. Rich covers all of the major players, with each day’s piece focusing on one of the different “eras” spanning nearly forty years of Apes comics:

Day 1, December 9th: Marvel Comics
Day 2, December 10th:  Malibu Graphics
Day 3, December 11th: Dark Horse Comics, and Spanish language comics!
Day 4, December 12th: Metallic Rose Comics
Day 5, December 13th: BOOM! Studios

If you’re an Apes fan and/or a comics fan, there’s a lot of cool insight here into various projects that never were, in most cases featuring anecdotes and other cool info from the people involved. Thumbs up for all of this, Rich!

Lay it on me.

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