SciFi Diner: “What’s on your Christmas List? – 2013 Edition!”

Hey, Christmas is coming, you know. Happens every year, even.

Last week, I joined friend John Frazier, he of the totally AmazeBalls dipped in AwesomSauce ThinkGeek, as we sat down with Scott Hertzog and Miles McLoughlin, hosts of the SciFi Diner Podcast, along with podcaster M. Siero Garcia, where we discussed our “geeky Christmas wish lists.”

The format is largely the same as when I last hung out with the gang, in which we each offer up five geeky gifts we’d love to receive this holiday season. We went in round-robin fashion, with each of us providing our #5 item, then #4 and so on. As always, our selections ranged from items easily obtained from various outlets to total “pie in the sky”/”never gonna happen, my friend” stuff. It’s in good fun, as is always the case whenever I make a trip to the Diner.

What were my picks?

#5 – Original Star Wars Soundtracks Box Set
#4 – Alien: The Illustrated Story – Original Art Edition
#3 – Star Trek: Stellar Cartography
#2 – Star Wars Death Star Wall Tiles
#1 – Officially Licensed 1966 Batmobile

To hear what everybody else picked, as well as why I picked what I did, you have to listen to the podcast, yo!

SciFi Diner: The 2013 Holiday Special!

Thanks to Scott, Miles and M. for having me on and for letting me be my usual goofy self, and to Fraize for joining in on the fun and putting up with my nonsense.

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