“Ten for Ward” #10 at StarTrek.com: Ten Star Trek Episodes As Movies

Yep, the good people over at StarTrek.com managed to corral me one more time before we ring out 2013, letting me loose in their sandbox to scribble down another installment of my irregularly recurring blog series for them, “Ten for Ward.”

For those who haven’t yet checked out my blatherings over there, I’m invited every so often to provide a list of ten favorite (and hopefully interesting) Trek-related whatevers based on…well…whatever I can think up whenever my editor throws a rock at me and asks for a new column.

For this newest entry, I once again solicited outside assistance, this time taking to my Facebook page and asking which Star Trek episode–from any of the series–might make a good candidate for wholesale re-adaptation/re-imagining/re-booting/re-whatevering in order to make it work with the current incarnation of Captain Kirk and his Enterprise crew. I already had a few ideas of my own, of course, but I wanted to see what other people might be thinking. While most of the discussion ended up revolving around original series episodes, a few candidates from the spin-off shows were offered up, as well.

What did I end up with? Well, check it out, sports fans:

Ten for Ward #10 – Ten Star Trek Episodes As Movies

As I said over there, this isn’t meant to be “The List,” so if I didn’t mention an episode you think makes for good movie remake fodder, feel free to offer it and your reasons in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer up suggestions, and thanks as always to my editor and other fine folk at StarTrek.com who let me run around loose on their playground once in a while. You can check out all of my “Ten for Ward” columns just by clicking on this logo-ish looking thing right here:

So, who’s got more suggestions for the list?

5 thoughts on ““Ten for Ward” #10 at StarTrek.com: Ten Star Trek Episodes As Movies

  1. “The Best of Both Worlds.” But Spock’s the one who gets assimilated. With no Guinan to assuage Kirk, and no other “logical being” like Data to help figure things out, how in the hell would the Enterprise get Spock back?

    “Mr. Chekov? Fire.”


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