Dylan McCade is an Audio Verse Awards Finalist!

Shut. The. Front. Door.

“No way!”

“Yes way, Ted!”

:: Ahem ::

Semi-final voting has completed for the inaugural Audio Verse Awards and finalist voting is now cooking with gas. Making the cut in three different categories is our favorite retro-pulpy SF hero of Days Gone By, Space Marshal Dylan McCade!

In what categories does the marshal find himself? Well, behold, yo:

  • Short-Form Fan/Adaptation Series
  • Best Short-Form Original Adaptation of a Pre-existing Work 
  • Best New Fan/Adaptation Show of the Year 

I’ll admit it: That last one in particular has me all tingly.

Now, it needs to be said that all of the nominations the show’s received are due to the efforts of David Taylor over at SciFi Commons, who took my pithy little “serial” story and adapted it for audio presentation. David then assembled a talented troupe of voice actors and sound gurus to breathe life into my goofy words and stuff. A vote for Dylan McCade in any of these categories is a vote of support for all the amazing work David accomplished, along with the efforts of these fine folks:

Joey Trimmer (voice of Dylan McCade)
Ana Visneski (voice of Empress Entropia)
Kelli Taylor (voice of Jacquelyn “Jax” Blake)
Senthil Masilamani (voice of Zan)
Kenneth Robert Marlo (voice of the President of the League of Planets)
Geno Younger (narrator)
Amy Herndon (sound effects)
Taylor Dixon (original music)

As I’ve mentioned during previous postings, voting for these awards isn’t open to everybody on the internet, but instead is contained within the “volunteer audio drama community.” From the Audio Verse Awards site:

“The purpose of these awards is to focus on how awesome the volunteer audio drama community as a whole is. The people who will be doing the voting is that community. You have to be involved with a production, or be actively part of the community, at any level, to vote.”

The complete list of categories and finalists is available just by clicking here.

Voting will open shortly, and run through December 14th, so if you’re involved in the audio drama community and there’s a show and/or performer listed you think is worthy of being so honored, please mosey on over to the Audio Verse Awards site and cast your vote(s).

Stay tuned for updates as voting concludes and results are announced!


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