Novel Spaces – “Staying Positive About Negative Reviews”

Hey, whaddaya know? It’s the 15th again, and my turn in the trenches over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This month, I revisit an e-Mail I received earlier in the week, which featured a somewhat less than glowing review of one of my books. Now, worry not: This isn’t an excuse to bag on the e-Mailer, who took the time to compose a thoughtful and polite note to express his lack of satisfaction over what I had wrought for his reading pleasure. Instead, I use the note as an opportunity to revisit my general attitude toward reviews. Negative reviews, of course, but also positive ones, which carry their own risk of danger if you put too much stock in them, or “start to believe the hype,” and so on.

You can read the new piece over at Novel Spaces: “Staying Positive About Negative Reviews

For you writers reading this, what’s your take? Do you fret over reviews, totally ignore them, or do you fall somewhere in between?

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