Bucs Blog! 2013 Season, Week 10.

So, another week, another hum-drum ho-hum outing for the beleaguered Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who stumbled and fumbled their way to another……..



Bucs 22 – Dolphins 19

In what arguably could be described as a throwback to the days of old, when a Buccaneer defense had to prop up a sputtering offense (or somewhat sputtering, in this case) and help to pull a win from the aether or a bodily orifice, so it was last evening on Monday Night Football as Tampa hosted the Miami Dolphins before a national audience.

Here’s what I think is the coolest stat of the night: Bucs defense held Miami to two rushing yards on 14 attempts. The Tampa D also managed a rare feat of harassing Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill on a regular basis, notching two sacks on the day.

Meanwhile, Bucs QB Mike Glennon had a decent if not spectacular night in the finest Tampa tradition, guiding the offense on yard-eating, clock-grinding drives that resulted in touchdowns rather than field goals. Yeah, he threw an interception but managed to shake it off well enough. Add in the defensive effort–which included a safety and snatching a timely interception of its own–and you have all the ingredients for the Bucs to record their first win of the year. Of course, they couldn’t do it without scaring the shit out of me along the way, after going up 15-0 and then letting Miami run up 19 unanswered points. I can only assume they did that so that we’d all keep watching.

I’ll admit it: I held my breath until the clock hit “00:00,” figuring something might happen in that last minute to dork up the whole thing. Thankfully, the football gods seemed to be otherwise occupied. Maybe they were catching up on episodes of The Walking Dead banked on their TiVos.

With the win, the Bucs “improve” to 1-8 on the year, though they’re still Tail-end Charlie in the NFC South, and set to host division rival Atlanta this coming Sunday. The Falcons are sitting at 2-7, so hey! We can pull into a tie for last place next week! Division leader New Orleans will face off against the 49ers, and Carolina hosts New England on Monday night. Come on, Niners and Patriots!

It’s a Bucs life, yo.


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