UnderDiscussion: “Bond Another Day.” We’re still talkin’ Bond! James Bond!

Last week, the gang from UnderGopher posted Part 1 of a lengthy roundtable conversation about Ian Fleming’s most famous creation, British secret service agent 007, aka James Bond.

Maybe you’ve heard of him. He’s been in a few movies, and we talked to varying degrees about all of them.

The discussion ended up going nearly three hours in length, counting all the asides, derailments, pauses for this or that, and so on. The UnderGopher gang decided there was enough meat there to create two episodes of their podcast, “UnderDiscussion.” The first half of the conversation covers the films beginning with Sean Connery’s first turn as 007 in Dr. No and proceeding through the 1960s and 70s before parking just inside the 80s with Roger Moore’s fifth Bond outing, For Your Eyes Only.

Thinking ourselves rather clever, this first part was dubbed, “For Your Ears Only.” See what we did there?

And now Part 2 has now been posted to the UnderGopher site! Labeled “Bond Another Day,” we pick up where we left off in Part 1 and begin with Moore’s penultimate  007 film, Octopussy, and run through the rest of his tenure before moving on to Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan all the way to Daniel Craig’s most recent appearance as Bond, Skyfall.

(Yes, we also cover Connery’s return to the role in Never Say Never Again, if for no reason to wash away the bad taste of Octopussy. And yes, that last bit sounded less dirty in my head.)

Anyway, here you go:

UnderDiscussion #142: Bond Another Day

Once again I offer my thanks to Brady, Dustin, and Kevin for inviting me to the UnderGopher lair for the roundtable. As I said before, we may well do something like this again at some point in the near future. Did someone say 80s action movies? Yippy-kai-yay, Mr. Falcon!


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