Marvel Movie Tip: Stay for the credits, yo.

Maybe there needs to be a warning label before the start of any movie featuring Marvel Comics characters.

You’d think we’d know this by now. After all, it’s been, what? Five or six years of this? What have we got so far?

Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 2
Captain America: The First Avenger
The Avengers
Iron Man 3
Thor: The Dark World

And we’ve got Captain America: The Winter Soldier suiting up as we speak and readying for a  spring release. What’s the one rule that applies for each of these movies? Say it with me:

“Stay for the credits.”

And yet, we still have people, following a screening of the new Thor flick, getting up and leaving as the credits roll. OH, THE HUMANITY!

Forgive them, Stan Lee, for they know not what they do.

You stay for the credits, people.


Friends don’t let friends leave a Marvel movie early.

If you’re catching these flicks for the first time at home with disc or digital download, then you fast forward if you have to, but the rule is the same: “Stay for the credits.”

With that in mind, I’ve instituted a checklist of tips to help Marvel moviegoers avoid missing out on the important stuff lurking in and around a given film’s end credits. Consider this a public service, movie nerds:

1. You stay for the credits.

2. You stay after the credits.

3. You stay until the lights come up.

4. You stay until they start the slide show between screenings, and you make sure you sit through the entire slide reel at least once.


I posted this initial list on Facebook last night, so we also have a few add-ons:

5. And look on the back of your ticket and the underside of your popcorn. Just in case. (via Bernie Kopsho)

6. Then run across the hall and sit through the credits of the non-Marvel movie. LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE.

7. Then run outside and look for skywriting, because who knows? (via Bernie)

In summation: “Stay for the credits.”


Okay, we’re done. You can go home now.


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