UnderDiscussion: “For Your Ears Only.” We’re talkin’ Bond. James Bond, yo!

Back in the spring, I got to hang out with the guys from UnderGopher, a group of local gamers and genre enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their love of tabletop gaming, comics, and other fandom topics with anyone who will listen. We’d all known each other to one degree or another well before that, as we often run into each other at  our local comic and game shop, and last April I was a guest on their podcast, “UnderDiscussion,” in which they grilled me on my writing along with all manner of genre and not-so genre topics. The result of that get-together is chronicled here: I am “UnderDiscussion,” April 2013.

In the process of recording that interview, the possibility of my returning to the UnderGopher Lair was broached, along with participating in roundtable discussions about various topics. First up? Everybody’s favorite secret agent with a license to kill or be killed: James Bond, 007 and general bad-ass. While the discussion centered on the cinematic portrayals from Sean Connery up through Daniel Craig (along with an ever-so brief aside to acknowledge David Niven’s contribution in the 1967 adaptation of Casino Royale), comparisons to the novels–Ian Fleming’s, of course, along with books penned by other authors over the years–also were liberally sprinkled throughout the whole babble-fest.

The conversation ended up going over three hours, so the decision was made to split it into installments for the podcast’s next two episodes, and the first of those is now up for people’s listening pleasure, which covers the films from Dr. No to For Your Eyes Only:

UnderDiscussion #141: For Your Ears Only

Thanks again to Brady, Dustin, and Kevin for inviting me to sit in on the roundtable. It was a fun way to wile away an afternoon, and we’re already talking about yet another such conversation. The topic for that? 80s action movies.

“Oh, myyyyyyyy.”

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