The Audio Verse Awards: Go vote for Space Marshal Dylan McCade!

Nominations have closed for the first ever Audio Verse Awards and semi-final voting is now underway. Guess who made the cut in nine–count ’em, nine–categories? That dashing, star-jumping hero of Yesteryear, himself: Space Marshal Dylan McCade!

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, voting for these awards isn’t being opened to everybody on the internet, but instead will be contained within the “volunteer audio drama community.” From the Audio Verse Awards site:

“The purpose of these awards is to focus on how awesome the volunteer audio drama community as a whole is. The people who will be doing the voting is that community. You have to be involved with a production, or be actively part of the community, at any level, to vote.”

So, for example, I can’t vote for any of the nominees, as I’m not “actively part of the community.” Meanwhile, the full list of nominees can be found here, and The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade is nominated in the following categories:

Actor In a Fan/Adaptation Leading Role: Joey Trimmer (voice of Dylan McCade)

Actress In a Fan/Adaptation Leading Role: Ana Visneski (voice of Empress Entropia)

Actress In a Fan/Adaptation Supporting Role: Kelli Taylor (voice of Jax Blake)

Best Small Cast Ensemble In a Fan/Adaptation Production

Best Audio Engineering for a Production

Writing of a Short-Form Fan/Adaptation Series (David Taylor)

Best Short-Form Original Adaptation of a Pre-existing Work (David Taylor)

Best Long-Form Original Adaptation of a Pre-existing Work (David Taylor) *

Best New Fan/Adaptation Show of the Year **

(* = Not sure how we got nominated in both long and short form categories, unless it’s voting for a single episode instead of the entire 6-part mini-series, but that info’s not listed. Therefore, I’d say go with “Short Form”)

(** = I think I’d pee my pants if we won this one.)

Semi-final voting is open from now through November 23rd, so if you’re involved in the audio drama community and there’s a show and/or performer listed you think is worthy of being so honored, please glide on over to the Audio Verse Awards site and cast your vote(s).

I still don’t know who did the nominating for Dylan McCade, but I’d like to thank that person/those people. It’s nice to see the marshal getting some love and attention, but congratulations are in order for all the nominees on the list. Stay tuned for updates as this thing proceeds!

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