In Tempest’s Wake is coming soon…in German!

This is what I get for missing staff meetings: updates about stuff o’ mine getting some love in a whole other language and whatnot.

Among the most recent announced offerings from Cross Cult, the German publisher who’s been grooving with various Star Trek releases over the past few years, is a translation of my Star Trek: Vanguard novella, In Tempest’s Wake. With this release, which currently is set for publication in January 2014, Cross Cult will have completed the translations of the entire Vanguard series.

So, you know….sweet!

In Tempests Wake-Spuren des Sturms

Cross Cult – Star Trek: Vanguard – Spuren des Sturms

As with the original edition, this will be an e-Book exclusive title, and as with the other Vanguard books, Cross Cult is sticking with the cover created by the loveable Doug Drexler, who provided super-awesome double ass-kicking art for all of the Vanguard titles.

Many thanks to the gang at Cross Cult for continuing to give Pocket’s Star Trek fiction their own special treatment!

Lay it on me.

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