“Dylan McCade” is up for an award?

Looks that way.

Earlier this evening, I was alerted to this little bit of coolness: It seems that our first Space Marshal Dylan McCade adventure has been nominated in several categories for something called “the Audio Verse Awards.”

Apparently, it’s something new, and rather than throwing open voting to the world at large, voting instead will be contained within the “volunteer audio drama community.” From the Audio Verse Awards site:

“The purpose of these awards is to focus on how awesome the volunteer audio drama community as a whole is. The people who will be doing the voting is that community. You have to be involved with a production, or be actively part of the community, at any level, to vote.”

Okay. That sounds pretty cool.

Anyway, there’s already a rather sizable list of nominations, so if this is your thing, and you know of a deserving audio drama production which isn’t yet represented, this would seem to be an opportunity to give that production some love. A nomination form is linked at the top of the page listing the current nominees:

Audio Verse Awards: List of Nominees

Nominations are being accepted through October 31st. I have no idea how the various entrants in any given category will be whittled down after that. I only just learned of this tonight, but I’ve put out a few feelers to see if I can get more info.

As for whoever did the nominating for Dylan McCade? Many thanks to that person. Guess we’ll see how the marshal stacks up. Stay tuned for more info!

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