We’re collaboratin’ again! With that, a blast from our past.

Faithful readers know that a goodly portion of my Star Trek writing resume was produced in partnership with my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore. Yes, we’ve done a few other things here and there, but by and large the Final Frontier’s been our main stomping ground whenever we’ve joined forces to wreak havoc.

Our first-ever collaboration was for an article of the late and very much lamented Star Trek Communicator magazine. As for fiction, loyal readers know that we first teamed up for what became Interphase, the fourth and fifth novella installments of the late and also very much missed Star Trek: S.C.E. series (later renamed as Star Trek: Corps of Engineers).

We’ve worked together on a lot of stuff over the years: six novels (and he co-developed the story with me for two more), thirteen novellas, a handful of short stories and a mess of magazine articles, but it’s been a while since our last collaboration. Indeed, our last joint-credit work was our final novel in the Star Trek: Vanguard series, What Judgments Come. We’ve been busy doing our own things these past couple of years, but we both knew that we wanted to team up again on something when opportunity presented itself.

As it happens, that opportunity ended up being Star Trek: Seekers on which we find ourselves working once again alongside our partner in Vanguard crime, David Mack. Today marks the day I had marked on my calendar as my “official” start date for writing my portions of the new book, and Kevin’s gotten a slight jump on me. He and I are plotting a couple of other things to keep us busy, as well.

So, yes, the Wardilmore Gestalt Entity is alive and well. You can even follow it on Twitter:

Wear a cup.

Yep, here we are. Again. Doin’ that collaboratin’ thang.

Earlier today, I was reminded of a couple of gag book covers created several years ago. A few of you have seen them, but I know there’s a bunch of you who haven’t. So, in celebration of our latest team-up, here’s a blast from our past:

attb-atts (Mockups by Steve Mollmann, but I forced him to do it. At gunpoint.)

No, we didn’t write stories to go with these covers, but to be fair there are those who believe the books we did write for the series this spoofs are worthy of these titles. Your mileage may vary.

Anyway, here’s hoping Star Trek: Seekers #2 doesn’t suck or blow.

To the keyboard!

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