Bucs Blog! 2013 Season, Week 4.

BREAKING: Tampa Bay Buccaneers petition NFL to shorten football seasons to four games.

:: Sigh ::

Cardinals 13 – Bucs 10

Pop quiz, Hot Shot: You’re leading a football game 10-0 after three quarters. On the other hand, you haven’t scored any points in the second half, either. Fifteen minutes left in regulation: What do you do?

Well, if you’re the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you obviously find a way to let the other team score just enough points to beat you, while your own offense wanders about like extras in a zombie movie. That the Bucs were able to contain the Cardinals for such a lengthy period only heightens the disappointment of coughing up the win in the final quarter.

And no, you can’t pin this on Tampa’s defense. Though they did allow the thirteen points the Cardinals needed to win the game, there’s only so much you can do when your offense gives up the ball on three of their seven possessions in the second half, and ends up punting on the other four. One drive yielded negative yards of offensive production, for crying out loud.

Bucs rookie quarterback Mike Glennon had a tough day during his first NFL start, with 24 completions on 43 pass attempts. And he….wait a damned minute. 43 pass attempts? For a rookie quarterback on his first day and working with a struggling offensive unit? Who the hell thought that was a good game plan? Ugh, Tampa. Just…ugh. Despite this, Glennon had a decent if not spectacular day, with 170+ yards and a TD pass along with two interceptions. Of course, the kid has nowhere to go but up, and he deserves at least a little slack for his first outing.

Now standing at 0-4, the Bucs get a chance to stop the bleeding with a bye this next week. Around the NFC South and as I write this, the 3-0 New Orleans Saints will take on Miami tomorrow night, while the Atlanta Falcons, at 1-2 and tied for second place with the Carolina Panthers, play New England later this evening. As for the Panthers, they’re enjoying their own bye this week. Tampa will be back in action on October 13th, hosting the Philadelphia Eagles, who also are 1-2 and (again, as I write this) currently are getting beat up by the Denver Broncos. It’s likely they’ll be 1-3 here in a couple of hours.

Can the Bucs get their ship righted with a quarter of the season already in the books? Things aren’t looking too good at the moment, and their schedule only gets tougher going forward, but hope springs eternal, yadda yadda yadda.

It’s a Bucs life, right?

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