Peaceable Kingdoms – the cover! has “unveiled” the cover and some plot info for Peaceable Kingdoms, the fifth and final book in the Star Trek: The Fall miniseries, and the one written by Yours Truly. Here’s a gander:

PeaceableKingdoms-cover (Click to Biggie Size)

And as for that aforementioned plot info, you can read all about it over at

FIRST LOOK: Cover of The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms

So, you know…. ta dah!

In case you haven’t already pre-ordered all of The Fall books…
First look at Star Trek: The Fall, courtesy of
Catching up – More info about Star Trek: The Fall from


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7 Responses to Peaceable Kingdoms – the cover!

  1. liquidcross says:

    Sweet deal. What’s the other ship, if you can say so without spoilers or breaking an NDA?


    • Dayton Ward says:

      It’s a freighter, though I confess it came out looking much differently than I anticipated. When asked for input to the cover, I basically said, “There’s a scene where the Enterprise is engaged with a ______ freighter.” That’s all the “direction” I was able to provide. I love the way the Enterprise looks here. I’ve always thought the Sovereign ships look better from above than below, but that’s just me.


      • liquidcross says:

        Yeah, in that shot, it looks like a battering ram! Did Doug Drexler handle the cover art?


        • Dayton Ward says:

          I know Doug at least did the first go. It’s possible that the Pocket in-house art director made some changes. That’s not uncommon, but I rarely/ever know who does what, or when, or why, etc.

          It’s pretty rare for tie-in writers to get any sort of real input to cover designs, anyway. We get to make suggestions, etc. from time to time, but not anything like approval/veto power. After all, it’s not a “Dayton Ward” book up there; it’s a Star Trek book. That’s the brand being sold.


        • liquidcross says:

          I assumed as much. At least it’s not like a comic book, where the scene depicted on the cover usually has nothing to do with the contents.


        • Dayton Ward says:

          Well, that happens, too. The cover for From History’s Shadow doesn’t really depict anything from the book, but the imagery is so perfect with respect to the story, it still works. 🙂


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