Peaceable Kingdoms – the cover! has “unveiled” the cover and some plot info for Peaceable Kingdoms, the fifth and final book in the Star Trek: The Fall miniseries, and the one written by Yours Truly. Here’s a gander:

PeaceableKingdoms-cover (Click to Biggie Size)

And as for that aforementioned plot info, you can read all about it over at

FIRST LOOK: Cover of The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms

So, you know…. ta dah!

In case you haven’t already pre-ordered all of The Fall books…
First look at Star Trek: The Fall, courtesy of
Catching up – More info about Star Trek: The Fall from


7 thoughts on “Peaceable Kingdoms – the cover!

    1. It’s a freighter, though I confess it came out looking much differently than I anticipated. When asked for input to the cover, I basically said, “There’s a scene where the Enterprise is engaged with a ______ freighter.” That’s all the “direction” I was able to provide. I love the way the Enterprise looks here. I’ve always thought the Sovereign ships look better from above than below, but that’s just me.


        1. I know Doug at least did the first go. It’s possible that the Pocket in-house art director made some changes. That’s not uncommon, but I rarely/ever know who does what, or when, or why, etc.

          It’s pretty rare for tie-in writers to get any sort of real input to cover designs, anyway. We get to make suggestions, etc. from time to time, but not anything like approval/veto power. After all, it’s not a “Dayton Ward” book up there; it’s a Star Trek book. That’s the brand being sold.


        2. Well, that happens, too. The cover for From History’s Shadow doesn’t really depict anything from the book, but the imagery is so perfect with respect to the story, it still works. 🙂


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