Hey! About those German-language versions of the Typhon Pact books….

While I was busy with this and that, the world kept spinning, the planets kept moving, and so on and so forth. Along the way, German publisher Cross Cult also was doing its thing, and over the last few months they’ve been releasing their translated versions of the first four Star Trek: Typhon Pact novels. A German-language edition of my novel Paths of Disharmony, is now available, completing the first four TP books.

As I mentioned before when this topic came up, this marks the first time one of my novels has received new cover art for a foreign-language edition. For the Star Trek: Vanguard books Cross Cult released, the art created by the wonderful Doug Drexler was used. Here are all four of the Typhon Pact covers for the German editions:

 (Click to Biggie Size)

L-R: Zero Sum Game (Nullsummenspiel) by David Mack, Seize the Fire (Feuer)by Michael A. Martin, Rough Beasts of Empire (Bestien) by David R. George III, and Paths of Disharmony (Zwietracht) by Yours Truly.

Pretty sweet, eh?

From what I’m to understand, my book also has in the back a new essay by the translator, Bernd Perplies, writing about the portrayal of the Andorians on Star Trek: Enterprise and in the recent novels, and all the fun to be had trying to reconcile those two versions. 🙂

For anyone reading this who happens to acquire these editions, please let me know what you think of them. I don’t know yet when I’ll get my grubby paws on a copy, and even when I do…it’s not like I can read German, anyway.

Thanks to the good people at Cross Cult for giving us the special treatment!

5 thoughts on “Hey! About those German-language versions of the Typhon Pact books….

  1. My German edition arrived yesterday. This is one chunky paperback! Note that Shar’s antennae are in the “Enterprise” style in this artwork, not in the TOS style.

    I can’t wait for my German-fluent Trek pal to translate Humberg’s essay for me!
    Dayton Ward's Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Zwietracht


    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind reading that essay, myself 🙂

      The Cross Cult folks recently published some kind of guide to the post-Nemesis fiction, too: Maximum Warp? I haven’t heard much about it, beyond what’s posted at 8of5’s site.


      1. Even on German websites there isn’t much to find about the book. There are a couple reviews on amazon.de. Even on CC outlets /forum, Facebook, etc.) there is/was little to no discussion of the book. To be honest, I think myself and James (8of5) have “talked” more about it on the Trek Collective than pretty much anyone else on the web.

        Which is kind of sad, really. While I’m not the biggest fan of the book itself, and I’m not buying their books, as I buy the Originals, I want to see CC succeed, and as I wrote in my review at least for newbies it can be a valuable asset in seeing what could be interesting for them.


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