New interview with the G&T Show!

It’s not bad enough that I’m a regular polluter of the Sunday G&T Show thanks to its regular “Ask Dayton” feature. For reasons surpassing understanding, Terry, Nick and Mike decided to have me over to their place for an extended sit-down.


The show’s supposed topic was my new novel From History’s Shadow, with expected diversions to discuss the upcoming Star Trek: The Fall mini-series and our new Star Trek: Seekers project. That was the plan, anyway, but anyone brave enough to click on the provided link will note how quickly that agenda gets derailed as the conversation takes twists and turns through all manner of topics, Star Trek and otherwise.

We talk about my renewed appreciation for Star Trek: Enterprise, the often fun and yet occasionally frustrating reality of interacting with fans (and the mischief I occasionally have with that), the current (and ever-evolving) state of 24th century Star Trek fiction, along with the occasional shifts to talk about football, near-death experiences and Kevin’s fear of flying, and e-Books vs. paper books.

So, yeah, it’s a bit of a free-form discussion.


Fair warning for those about to give the show a listen: The language takes the…ahem…occasional turn toward the explicit, and the discussion is more relaxed than a lot of interviews I do, because Terry, Nick and Mike are friends and this essentially is a conversation we might’ve had in the bar at a convention.

Not that I’m not friendly or haven’t become friends with other podcasters, of course, but shit, people. Come on, already.

Anyway, consider yourselves warned.

Check out all the weirdness here: G&T Show Supplemental Log – Dayton Ward

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