In Genre’s “Tribute to Gene Roddenberry.”

A couple of months ago, I was asked by In Genre contributing writer Cody L. Martin for an interview which was to be part of a series of pieces the site would be publishing in tribute to Gene Roddenberry, in observance of what would’ve been his 92nd birthday this past August 19th.


The pieces Cody’s put together have been running on the In Genre site all through the month, with new installments added each week. Cody contacted a number of writers and other creative folk to respond to his interview call, and each contributor offered their own take on the questions he presented.

To be honest, it only was when he sent me the link to where the interviews were being posted that I realized I’d forgotten about my interview with him. Doh!

As it turned out, my contribution to the effort appeared during the second week of the month-long tribute, which was published to the In Genre site on August 13th: A Tribute to Gene Roddenberry, Week 2

Joining Cody all through the month to offer their thoughts on the Great Bird of the Galaxy are several authors and fans, including my sometimes partner in crime and assorted mischief, the redoubtable David Mack:

Week 1: Cody L. Martin, Elizabeth Delana Rosa

Week 2: Valerie Douglas, Karen A. Wyle, me

Week 3: Jacqueline Driggers, L. Anne Wooley, Dan Peyton

Week 4: Cassidy Frazee, R.K. Wigal, David Mack

Thanks very much to Cody for inviting me to participate!

Lay it on me.

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