Hey! Another interview!

Because I could hear you thinking, “Hey! It’s been a few months since I last heard Dayton running his mouth.”

Last week, Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing over at Trek.fm invited me to “sit” with them for their regular podcast feature “Literary Treks.” If those names sound familiar, that’s because you may recall that they interviewed me last year for the very first episode of this podcast, when we talked about what at the time was my new and shiny Star Trek: Vanguard e-Book novella, In Tempest’s Wake.

For this go-around, the guys hit me up with questions and whatnot for my latest release, the Star Trek original series novel From History’s Shadow. They also do their best to tease a few juicy tidbits about the upcoming Star Trek: The Fall miniseries, but I managed to stay strong. We even talk a bit about the exciting new project I’m doing with Kevin Dilmore and David Mack, Star Trek: Seekers, and I even manage to get a plug in for The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade. You’ve listened to that by now, right? If not…WHY NOT???

:: Ahem. ::

Anyway, check out the new episode of Literary Treks:

Trek.fm Literary Treks: From Velcro’s Shadow

Next up for me? I’m hanging with the gang from the Sunday G&T Show to record an interview which will be released later this coming week.

Lay it on me.

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