Kid pics. Because.

Been a while since I gloated about the kids. They’ve been in school for a week now, Addy to 1st grade and Erin to Kindergarten, and both seem to be enjoying their teachers, catching up with friends and making new friends. I’ll admit I was a bit worried about Erin at first, as she was entering a wholly new environment and without any of her friends from pre-school. My concerns were misplaced, as in the finest Ward fashion she has taken to the new routine and is already kicking butt and taking names.

(Side note: Erin also promoted earlier this evening at Taekwondo, where she earned her “red-black” belt. This means she’s been recommended by her instructors to train for eventual testing and promotion to black belt. Suh-weet. It’ll be nice having two ninja assassins living at my beck and call. One’s usually sufficient, but I think we all can agree that having a second one can definitely come in handy.)

Anyway, back to school. Here’s the pics I took on Day 1:

Addy-FirstDay   Erin-FirstDay

Yes, I’ll get back to talking about Star Trek, bacon, porn and other inane topics in due course, but I warned you at the beginning that the occasional #ProudPapa moments would be the price you pay to hang out here for any appreciable length of time.


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8 Responses to Kid pics. Because.

  1. archersangel says:

    stuff like this makes me think about my time in kindergarten & 1st grade. i suspect it’s a whole different ballgame now.


    • Dayton Ward says:

      I was pretty well knocked over when my oldest’s Kindergarten teacher and I had our first parent-teacher conference last year. The curriculum in place for the students was pretty impressive, whereas I remember a lot of playing, napping and snacking when I was in Kindergarten. 🙂


  2. Jeremy Woolward says:

    You have amazing children!!!! They look very mature, and I’m sure they are going to do great.


  3. Definitely two charmers.


  4. rosellezubey says:

    Your daughters are so beautiful. Congrats!


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