“The Final Confrontation!” – Dylan McCade, Chapter 6!

Well, hopefully the time-delay blog posting thing works, and you’re reading this after it was posted on or about 2pm Eastern Time.

We’re here! The sixth and final episode of the first installment of The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade!

After five chapters pitting our heroes, Dylan McCade and Jaquelyn “Jax” Blake against whatever chaos and mayhem could be thrown at them by the diabolical Empress Entropia, the time has come for the ultimate face-off between our heroes and their arch-nemesis!

Click the big graphic-looking thing and head on over to listen to the last chapter of McCade’s inaugural adventure, “The Terror of Entropia’s Ice Cannon!” The entire story now is available, with all parts housed by David Taylor over at his Scifi Commons site:


It’s been a fun little experiment, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I have some ideas on what a second adventure might involve, and how “big” we might want to go with presenting any new audio tales. We’ve only really scratched the surface here, and I know David and his merry band are keen to give this another go.

Meanwhile, if you dug this first of Dylan McCade’s adventures, I hope you’ll give the proper, well-deserved shout-outs to David and the cast of actors and the behind-the-scenes folks who did all the hard work turning my story into an audio tale:

JOEY TRIMMER as Dylan McCade

ANA VISNESKI as Empress Entropia

KELLI TAYLOR as Jacquelyn “Jax” Blake


KENNETH ROBERT MARLO as The President of the League of Planets

GENO YOUNGER as Your Narrator

Original Music by TAYLOR DIXON

Sound Effects by AMY HERNDON

Many thanks to everyone who’s sampled our wares, or helped to spread the word. Hopefully we’ll have word soon on what might be next!

2 thoughts on ““The Final Confrontation!” – Dylan McCade, Chapter 6!

  1. I just found this series over the weekend. As a huge fan of both Old Time Radio and modern audio dramas, let me say I enjoyed it quite a bit. My kids also enjoy audio dramas quite a bit, and I’m happy to have another one I can share with them, since those seem kind of rare in the online AD realm. I hope there is more to come.


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