“Target: Jupiter!” – Dylan McCade, Chapter 4!

Thanks to the wonder that is the time-delayed blog posting, you’re receiving this even as I wing my way through the friendly skies from Kansas City, on my way to Vegas!

Anyway, it’s a new day so that means an all-new installment of The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade!

So far, reaction to the first three chapters has been positive. Our little love letter to the pulpy retro SF serials of old seems to be hitting most of the right notes. Indeed, as I’ve listened to each new installment, I’ve started wondering what we might do for a second adventure. After all, there’s still a lot about Dylan McCade, Jax, Entropia and the whole gang that we don’t know. Guess we should think about making up some stuff, eh?

While we ponder that, you just wander over and listen to the latest chapter of McCade’s inaugural adventure, “The Terror of Entropia’s Ice Cannon!” The previous three chapters also are available, all housed by David Taylor over at his Scifi Commons site. Just click on the logo-ish doo-dad and you’re on your way, Deputy!

The remaining chapters will be released one each day on Thursday and Friday, with each chapter timing out at around five minutes or so.

In addition to David himself, let’s not forget the cast of actors and the behind-the-scenes folks who made this little tale an audio reality:

JOEY TRIMMER as Dylan McCade

ANA VISNESKI as Empress Entropia

KELLI TAYLOR as Jacquelyn “Jax” Blake


KENNETH ROBERT MARLO as The President of the League of Planets

GENO YOUNGER as Your Narrator

Original Music by TAYLOR DIXON

Sound Effects by AMY HERNDON

Will Dylan and Jax find a way out of the latest trap set for them by the evil Entropia? There’s only one way to find out…stick this in your ears!

Lay it on me.

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