A couple of “Where’s My Book?” updates.


Okay, you regular readers doubtless remember this little missive from earlier in the summer, where I revived my “Where’s By Book?” so-called challenge from a few years ago. Long story short? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is — assuming you’re taking one of my books along with you on vacation or to some other interesting destination — to have that said book photographed somewhere evocative of that location. A statue or costumed performer at Disney World; one of those Roman guard dudes at Caesar’s Palace; a cosplayer at a convention. A server at an offbeat restaurant; whatever. Sky’s the limit, right?

There have been a few pics posted to the original thread, and of course we also had the recent “Dayton Made Me Do This” bit from San Diego Comic-Con (which may or may not make a return appearance for this weekend’s Trek con in Vegas). However, I’ve also gotten a couple of photos sent to me directly. For example:

First we have Eric Cone (@cone_is on Twitter), who may or may not have a namesake in my upcoming Star Trek: The Fall book Peaceable Kingdoms:

Next up is @starfleetmom, star of last month’s “Dayton Made Me Do This” event, and who may or may not have a namesake in my 2012 Star Trek novel That Which Divides:

Anybody else? Keep ’em coming! Thanks to everyone who’s played along to this point. Y’all are a blast!

3 thoughts on “A couple of “Where’s My Book?” updates.

  1. Aww… He’s so cute! The Martian… That other guy isn’t bad, either. Have fun in Vegas, despite those damn Southwest ppl losing your bag!
    That red-shirted lieutenant that doesn’t DIE! Hahaha!


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