So, “Predator: The Musical” was a real thing.

Why the HELL didn’t anybody tell me about this last year?

I stumbled across the above image yesterday. More accurately, it was a picture of an actual flyer bearing this artwork and taped to the inside of a window at an undisclosed location. As a huge, unabashed fan of the original Predator film, I’m man enough to admit that I chuckled far longer than normal people likely consider healthy at the thought of seeing what choreography and other stage magic might accompany such numbers as:

“Strap This On Your Sore Ass”

“Ain’t Got Time to Bleed”

“Want Some Candy?”

“Get To Da Choppah”

“One Ugly Mother….”

And so on.

(NOTE: I have no idea if any of these are actual numbers from the show. I was just showing you my Movie Quote Mojo there, for a moment. Moving on….)

Partly amused, partly horrified, and partly curious, I took to the intrawebz in search of info. There, I discovered that Predator: The Musical was a project conceived and executed by a group calling themselves Roundhouse Productions, and as their website cites, “dedicated to bringing the cinematic experience to the stage.”

Okay. I’m down with that.

In addition to their take on Predator, they’ve also developed parody stage plays/musicals riffing on Point Break, Reservoir Dogs and Macbeth. The Dogs one in particular intrigued me because I’m such a fan of that film, but even that couldn’t top the notion of Dutch and his boys being hunted by an extraterrestrial badass, with all of the above set to music, could it?

So, I ask again…why the hell didn’t I at least hear of something so potentially crazy-awesome as this? My Chicago-based peeps definitely left me out of the loop on this one. The couple of reviews I found seemed rather “eh” on the whole thing, so maybe it’s one of those “better in theory than execution” deals. I’d certainly want to see it for myself before rendering any kind of judgment.

(I know what you’re thinking: “What…are you new to the internet or something? SUMMARY SCORN NOW!”)

:: Ahem ::

Regardless, you have to admit that poster would look awesome on the wall.

“If it sings…we can kill it.”

Best. Tagline. Ever.

So, come on…somebody out there has to know something about this. Spill it.

Lay it on me.

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