Two new interviews.

On the heels of From History’s Shadow, a couple of new interviews with me have been posted to prominent Trek-related sites.

The first comes from, with a quick spotlight on the book. They caught up with me to offer up a few quick comments to weave into the piece, in which I describe the project’s beginnings and how long it took to go from idea to reality (Hint: Damned long time). From History’s Shadow Unveiled

The second comes from popular fan site TrekCore, featuring an extended interview where we talk about the new book as well as my upcoming book for Star Trek: The Fall, Peaceable Kingdoms, working on the Star Trek: Vanguard series and other fondly remembered projects.

TrekCore: Dayton Ward Interview – Star Trek TOS “From History’s Shadow

There are a couple of other interviews slated over the next several weeks, including a return visit with the gang from for a new installment of their “Literary Treks” podcast series. More on those as I get additional info.

We now return you to your lives, already in progress.

Lay it on me.

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