Coming next week: The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade!

At long last Space Marshal Dylan McCade is making that jump from the Written Word to the Theater of Your Mind!

Tune in next week as McCade and his ever-dependable partner, Jacquelyn “Jax” Blake, face off against the evil Empress Entropia, who stands ready with a new weapon in her latest bid to conquer Earth, the Ice Cannon! Can McCade and Blake thwart Entropia’s diabolical scheme? Listen as the adventure unfolds in six exciting installments next week, August 5th – 9th.

“But, Dayton!” I can hear someone shouting from the cheap seats, “That’s only five days!”

Why, yes. Yes, it is, which means that you get a double dose of serialized action on Monday, August 5th. Check it, deputy marshals:

Awwwwwwwwww, yeah.

Late last year, David Taylor asked me if I might be interested in writing a story which could be adapted for audio drama, or even if I had something which might work as material for adaptation. As it happens, I had just such a story sitting in my files, written oh so long ago. Folks who remember my old AOL days might recall a Captain Proton riff I did way back when. Well, I dusted that off, reworked everything to freshen up some jokes as well as to remove any Proton/other-Trek related references, changed up a few other things here and there, and WHAM! One pulpy SF serial, ready to rock.

Next, David took my scribblings and with the able assistance of a talented troupe of voice actors breathed life into my words. He also went hog-wild with all sorts of nifty music and sound effects, creating what we all hope might be the first in a series of pulpy SF audio dramas featuring this cast of characters.

I guess that part depends on you, potential listener.

In addition to having new chapters released each day next week, the accompanying installment of the original story also will be made available, so you’ll get to see how David and his crew modified and adapted my prose story so it could be stuck between your ears. I found it to be a fascinating learning experience, myself.

So, watch this space for updates, as the first Adventure of Space Marshal Dylan McCade prepares to take flight!

2 thoughts on “Coming next week: The Adventures of Space Marshal Dylan McCade!

  1. Can’t wait! And, yes-I hold in my hands, the renderings of David’s G29 Boltslinger by Coby. Here it comes… the ‘G’ represents my ‘Gator1′ handle, the ’29’ represents my birthday in June and the ‘Coby’ represents the portable DVD-player I was watching, when the live-tweeting name-picking commenced, by the three of us, back in March. My little contribution to ‘Space Marshal Dylan McCade’… I should get your ‘John Hancock’ on this little reward…eh? I was honored to be included. 😊


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