Bubbas of the e-Bookalypse!

At long last, the fine folks at Yard Dog Press have made available in e-Book format some of my favorite books ever to come out of their feisty little publishing house.

Bubbas of the Apocalypse is the creation of YDP founder and editor Selina Rosen – one of the funniest damned people you’re ever liable to meet – who opened up this “universe” to any and all who might want to throw a story into the ring. The result has (so far) been five anthologies, each crammed to the gills with stories about bubbas making their way in a world gone mad:

So, ya know what a “bubba” is? Know what the “apocalypse” is supposed to be? Now imagine that the end of the world comes in such a way that those off fishin’ or huntin’ — or whatever — aren’t affected. Begin to get the idea?

When “Yuppie 25″ either wipes out or “zombifies” everyone in the world except the “bubbas”, things take on several interesting twists. Read about good ole boys fighting yuppie zombies, aliens, and those French cheeses that end in that funny “” — among things too awful to mention here.

So, yeah…it’s like that.

For the first time, all five Bubbas anthologies now are available from Amazon.com as e-Books. At present, only the Kindle format is supported, but other platforms should be coming on line in the weeks to come. For now, though? Feast your eyes on some electronic soft-copy Bubba goodness:

Bubbas of the ApocalypseKindle e-Book | Trade Paperback
The Four Bubbas of the ApocalypseKindle e-Book | Trade Paperback
International House of BubbasKindle e-Book | Trade Paperback
Houston: We’ve Got BubbasKindle e-Book | Trade Paperback
A Bubba in Time Saves None!Kindle e-Book | Trade Paperback

When I came across the first three collections of stories at a convention years ago, I pretty much laughed my ass off right there in the dealers’ room. When I heard that they were accepting submissions for a fourth volume, I knew I had to try my hand at a Bubbas tale. The result was “Jack and the Weird-Ass Box,” which was published in Houston: We’ve Got Bubbas. I followed that up a couple of years later with a sequel to my own story, “One Small Step for Bubba,” in A Bubba in Time Saves None! It didn’t hurt that Selina and the rest of the Yard Dog gang all know how to tell some fun–and gut-busting funny–stories. I had a total blast writing my stories.

(In addition to the “Bubba-verse,” YDP also where I was introduced to one of the late Ken Rand’s more entertaining creations, the “Lucky Nickel Saloon.” I miss Mr. Rand, and I miss seeing new Lucky Nickel stories.)

All righty, then. If you like your zombies with barbecue sauce and a side of sweet potato fries, then go and give the Bubbas of the Apocalypse a gander. Just watch out for Ned, yo.


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