From History’s Shadow signed copy giveaway: Dah Winnahs!

Things seemed to start off a bit slow, but then kicked into gear yesterday. I guess that’s when the bookstores started putting out new stock, of which From History’s Shadow was a part…at least in a few locations.

Several faithful followers took up my quest to be among the first to capture photographic evidence of the new book roaming in the wild, in the hopes of securing for themselves one of five autographed copies I’ve set aside for just such an occasion. We got our fifth winner late yesterday, so I now present The Five:

Ian McLean, at the Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney, Australia:

Mike Winters, at an undetermined location:

Neil Shurley, somewhere on the east coast:

Dan Gunther, at an undisclosed location:

And this classy little dude, also from the Galaxy Bookshop Down Under:

(Note, another reader, Jeremy Woolward, actually beat this last gent, but graciously deferred his own copy to the lad. Never fear: Jeremy’s classitude shall be rewarded.)

So, you five winners: e-Mail me your mailing info so that I might get started on packaging and shipping your books: daytonward AT kc DOT rr DOT com.

Thanks to everyone for playing along. Feel free to keep posting pics, and since we’re still in the grips of summer vacation, feel free to participate in the other ongoing effort, “Where’s My Book, the 2013 Edition!


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