Tonight, Syfy is premiering a new show, Joe Rogan Questions Everything. The premise is pretty straightforward, in that Rogan will aim the spotlight of skepticism and doubt on an “unexplained” topic du jour and attempt to get to the truth behind it all. Government conspiracies and secrets? Check. UFOs? Could be. The afterlife? Stay tuned.

I’m such a sucker for this kind of thing, and unlike other shows like that conspiracy thing with Jesse Ventura, I’m counting on Rogan to take the piss out of various topics and their assorted diehard/cultish followers.

Don’t let me down, Joe.

For those who don’t know Joe Rogan beyond stuff like Fear Factor, he’s also a pretty damned funny comedian. One of his albums, Shiny Happy Jihad, is an annual, required listening experience for Kevin and me during our yearly road trips to Denver, usually as one half of a double bill with Dave Attell. It’s just tradition, yo, and you don’t mess with tradition.

Anyway, the first episode of Rogan’s new show will send him into the forests of the Pacific Northwest in search of (see what I did there?) the truth behind that legendary walker of the woods, Sasquatch. This isn’t new territory, of course, as the topic gets a pretty regular workout nowadays thanks to Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. I’ve already started envisioning what a team-up between Rogan and that show’s group of investigators might look and sound like. The results could be hysterical, as I’d bet real money Joe could punch all of Matt Moneymaker’s buttons. SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Besides, we all know the real secret of Bigfoot, don’t we?

Awwww, yeah. You know what I’m talkin’ about. Meanwhile, there’s also another goofy Sasquatch-themed show coming, courtesy of Spike TV: Bigfoot Bounty. According to this article from last week, the show is coming in January, hosted by Dean Cain.

Hey: You can never have too much Bigfoot, yo.

Lay it on me.

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