No “Ask Dayton” this week….

That’s right, folks. No “Ask Dayton” query was forwarded to stately Ward Manor this week, I imagine Nick, Terry, and Mike are busy prepping for the upcoming Shore Leave and Vegas conventions, or enjoying a vacation, or whatever. Good on them, and I look forward to seeing them (and everyone else) in a couple of weeks.

So, because of that, here’s an odd pic to fill the void:

Insert (HAH!) your own joke, here.

So far as I know, “Ask Dayton” will return next week, but I suppose these sorts of breaks pose a question: Should a “Best of Ask Dayton” feature be presented here, in the event we have no new question on a given weekend? Inquiring minds want to know, yo.

Meanwhile, we now return you to your Sunday, already in progress.


2 thoughts on “No “Ask Dayton” this week….

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