“Dayton Made Me Do This” @SDCC…UPDATE!

So, the three or four regular readers of this space saw this entry the other day, in which I made the semi-sorta-kinda challenge to those attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Short version: Seek out my bud Kevin Dilmore — and/or any other colorful character willing to get in on the action — and post with him and a pic that reads, basically, “Dayton made me do this.”

Fun for the whole family, right?

So far, a few brave souls have accepted the challenge either of posing themselves or enlisting the aid of fellow good sports. Here’s what we have so far:

From @MarkStreed, with a confused yet tolerant Kevin.

From @starfleetmom, showing us how it’s done, and giving us the two-fer, as she also met the requirements of the “Where’s My Book?” challenge!

@starfleetmom also found this lovely lady willing to play along. At least…she doesn’t appear to be under duress. And again…the two-fer!

And there’s this one, also captured by @starfleetmom’s camera. GeekPoints to those who can spot what’s wrong with this picture.

UPDATE FROM FRIDAY: Here’s another one from @starfleetmom. Kevin finally looks to be getting into the spirit of things. What do you think?

UPDATE FROM SATURDAY: Lots more new pics, thank to the awesome efforts of @starfleetmom (I so love that lady):

This is the con he’s looking for.


@starfleetmom with Kevin, and check out her rocking the Galaxy Quest uniform!


“Judge me by my taste in friends, do you?”

Gary Graham, aka Matt Sikes from the Alien Nation TV series and Ambassador Soval from Star Trek: Enterprise:

PetCo Pets!

Wonder Woman!

Highlight of their day? I think so.

@Grimagination from Twitter!

More ladies in awesome costumes being good sports.

John Champion, he of DVD Geeks and Roddenberry.com‘s Mission Log Podcast!

Hulk sad.

Best landing party ever!

@starfleetmom again, this time in front of the Falling Skies backdrop.

Two poor souls who got cornered. I think.

Thanks to these fine folks for rolling with my goofy notion. With three full days of #SDCC action still ahead, there’s plenty of time for fearless adventurers to get in on this. Full details —-> HERE.

And remember to pace yourselves. It’s a long weekend.


11 thoughts on ““Dayton Made Me Do This” @SDCC…UPDATE!

  1. Whoever made it cut the pattern out wrong. You have to be very careful with that pattern to make sure all the pieces are facing up on the right side of the fabric as you are cutting…..


  2. Geek points category… Starfleet insignia on the wrong side of her uniform?

    SLCC2013: I should’ve had Kevin J. Anderson hold your sign, but, I was too-awed by my first ComCon ‘celebrity’ encounter, to remember it; plus, there was a line foaming-at-the-mouth, Er…forming behind me.

    I’ll have to send you the pix I took, on a FB status, as the phone doesn’t allow me to post them here…


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