More on that Houston trip!

In the event you’re not totally exhausted after reading my rather wordy treatise recounting our trip to Houston and the Johnson Space Center, friend and fellow word pusher David Mack has done us a great service by providing his own thoughts on the subject. He also comes to my rescue by providing a key element which was sorely lacking in my own entry: PICTURES!

Yep, Mr. Mack’s blog post is chock full of photos chronicling the day, featuring him (and most of the rest of us) trying not to act like giddy kids looking for any excuse to go running off to play with this or that. Despite our most devilish impulses, we behaved ourselves, and saved our chaperones from having to outfit any of us with those weird kid harness/leash things you see on toddlers at Disney World.

Go forth and enjoy Dave’s illustrated musings:

David Mack: The Analog Blog – “Houston, we’ve had a blast…”

 (Graphic courtesy of NASA; JPG courtesy of David Mack)

The above graphic was created by the JSC’s Public Affairs Office to “announce” our visit and our panel at the Teague Auditorium. Flyers with this graphic were plastered EVERYWHERE as we wandered about, to the point where I seriously considered stealing a few from various doors or bulletin boards. Thankfully, Amy’s husband made sure we all had nice crisp copies of our own, suitable for framing.

That’s right: this bad bear is going up on a wall somewhere.

3 thoughts on “More on that Houston trip!

  1. Well, now that I understand it was for NASA employees, I changed my mind. I would have stayed home any way. 😛 I’m so thrilled that you got this opportunity. It looked


    1. This was our second annual “writers get together con-style without the con” shindig. We wanted to talk about all of the fans and other people behind their backs. 😉

      The panel at the auditorium was – so far as I know – for JSC employees.


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